Wednesday, 17 November 2010

KinTweet – A Kindle Twitter Client

A bit of disclosure to start with, I don’t have a Kindle (yet) and I am good friends with the author of Kintweet Jamie Myland. In fact we work at the same place, in the same place, and totally just talk geeky stuff in our spare time.

Now with that out of the way I want to tell you about this great web app for the Kindle called by KinTweet.

So some of you Kindle owners out there are thinking “how do I access the web on my Kindle to get to KinTweet?” Well if you look in the experimental area of your Kindle (I love that they have something like this) you will find a basic web browser.

Using this “”experimental” basic web browser navigate to . Now using your Twitter id, login to Twitter approve the apps access to Twitter via your account, and away you go using Twitter.

Now unlike Twitter clients on other platforms the resources available on the screen_shot-20167Kindle are even more restrictive. So what functionality Jamie has been able to include is truly remarkable.

Take a look at the main menu on the left and you will see the functionality that has been implemented. It’s most of the things you would want from a Twitter client. Plus instead of struggling with the little cursor pad thingy (for want of a better description), you can also use keyboard short cuts to get fast access to the options.

If I remember correctly so far Jamie has taken maybe 4 or 5 weeks to write this in his spare time. So what we have here is a great web app Twitter client for the Kindle, that shows some amazing UI design for a limited resource.

Here are some more screen grabs from a little session I had using KinTweet on Jamie’s Kindle.


screen_shot-20170 screen_shot-20171

Don’t forget that if you have the 3G version of the Kindle 3, then your web browsing is free. Which means so is your tweeting using . And best of all KinTweet is also free.

It’s been great seeing this develop over the weeks, and a joy to see Jamie show off the new functionality he has added. Plus I get to have a play with KinTweet when I am shown it.

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