Saturday, 26 March 2011

iPad iworks a couple of niggles

It's three weeks in or so now with the iPad and the Apple iworks apps for it.
As you all know I am using the iPad as my main device at work now. When I work on slides for class I use Keynote, worksheets I use Pages, and I haven't started using Numbers yet.
In previous posts I have mentioned that I now have the wifi hotspot feature (new in 4.3) enabled on my iphone4. This allows me to transfer any slides or worksheets via for printing or displaying on the smart boards as PowerPoint presentations.
What I like about is that I can get my keynote or pages documents as PDF, or PowerPoint/Word files.
I'm not sure which is generating these other versions of the documents, whether it's the iPad apps or iworks. But I suspect it's the iPad version of the apps. But which ever is generating them they need to do a little bug fix.
If I transfer the keynote file to my MacBook via iDisk and then use keynote there to generate my PDF, I can get my slides with notes printed out. Which means I have them to refer to while giving my lesson, and they can also go up on the virtual learning environment for the course for the students to download and refer to after the lesson.
However between the iPad version and iworks I don't get this option. I can get the PDF version of the slides but minus the presenter notes. For me and I think for others the PDF exporting needs improving to match the desktop version.
There is also a "bug" in the exporting to PowerPoint as well. It seems all the slides that look ok on the iPad, and if transferred to the MacBook and viewed there in keynote look fine. If they are exported to PowerPoint on the MacBook they are ok. But export on the iPad and via iworks and the text boxes on the slides shift to the right so they are out of place and off the edge of the slide in some cases.
Which means before I can use the slides in class I have to go into PowerPoint and re-edit the slides before I can use them. Hardly the best situation.
These are niggles that mean I have to be really well organised (not a bad thing) but as we know things happen. Which means last minute changes sometimes have to be made. It's this area for me that Apple need to do a little bit better. I love working in Keynote and Pages on the iPad. On a whole they are great, on tablet devices there is nothing to touch them, but as I have said in this post and the last there are something's Apple could improve.

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