Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Importing That Google Reader Atom File To Wordpress

Ok so in my previous post I told you how to get your blog posts back if for whatever reason you deleted your blog. In that post if you went the Google Reader route you ended up with a ATOM/XML file.

Sadly Wordpress in both forms (Wordpress.com and Wordpress.org) will not read this ATOM file. But it is possible to get it into a format that can be read by them.

Firstly you are going to have to visit a couple of places on the web and download a couple of things.

The first thing you need to do is download the atom2rss.xsl (from Atom conversion tools). Store that in the same directory that your ATOM file is stored. Next you need to visit the Microsoft site to download msxsl.exe (get from here), and also save this in the same place as the other files.

Now you will have to open a command prompt up and change to the directory where you have all the files stored.

From the command prompt type the following:


where OUTUTFILENAME.RSS is the name of the new file we want to create

and ATOMFILENAME is the name of our ATOM file containing all our blog posts.

If all has gone to plan then we should have sitting in the directory a file with a .rss file extension.

Now if you have a self hosted Wordpress blog, all you have to do is login, go to the Dashboard. Go to Tools, Import, click on RSS locate the .rss file created and that’s it. You should now have all your old posts loaded back into the blog.

For a Wordpress.com blog you need to do some extra steps. Sadly for whatever reason Wordpress.com does not allow you to import an RSS file. See nothing is ever easy.

Firstly you are going to have to install Wordpress locally! Now don’t worry that sounds harder than it actually is. Especially if you follow the steps detailed in this excellent blog post HERE.

Once you have XAMPP up and running with Wordpress, log in, go to the Dashboard, go to Tools and Import. Yes this sounds awfully like what the self hosted lot have just done, and it is. So I won’t continue with the steps just read what they had to do.

Now with all the posts sitting there locally on your pc, go to Tools, Export and export your blog posts out as wxr file to your hard drive.

Now log in to your Wordpress.com blog, go to the Tools section and Import and select Import Wordpress blog and follow the prompts.

That’s it, you have you lost posts back up.



Me said...

Do'nt know if you're still monitoring this blog, but I'm running into an error and there are very few posts/info on the net to point the way with transforming an atom xml to rss! My error is: "invalid xml declaration" with a code string, and quoting the URL - atom2rss.xsl.

I'd love any tips! Or to hire you to fix this! THanks,

Whitespider1066 (Darren) said...

HI, Me

I still do, however not updated for a while because I havent had much to say!

But email me and I'll take a look for you.

Me said...

Thanks Darren! I figured it out - its working like a charm - thank you for this!! I had to do a couple extra steps - install the MSXML main component first.

And a couple other things I can't quite recall. But if it wasn't for those cmd lines you shared, I'd be up a creek! :)