Thursday, 24 June 2010

iPhone 4 Day

Well it’s new iPhone day for the lucky few countries that are getting it today. On twitter news broke early of queues starting up outside the O2 stores around the country. Hundreds at the O2 store in London, 80 plus at the Farnborough store, over 100 at the Southampton store. Well you get the picture. Stories were also circulating that supply would also be extremely limited. I read that some stores had no more that 6 in stock. So it was obvious that some folks would be going home disappointed this morning. Conspiracy theorists where saying that the short fall was a deliberate tactic from Apple to generate the queues for publicity purposes.

O2 had stated there initial stock was being reserved for existing customers. So no queue outside from an early hour to get my hands on an iPhone 4 today. My queuing was a brief on hold at 8am when the O2 phone lines opened. I already knew what I wanted, so the process was pretty smooth. Being an Apple Fanboy I already knew more about what O2 were offering than the person handling my call. Finances dictated that I could only get the iPhone 4 16GB model which will have to do. Maybe next year I will be in a better position to get the higher capacity iPhone.

I still need to confirm the wifi data restrictions I thought that O2 had a cap, but the person I ordered my new iPhone from said that it was unlimited. So a difference of opinion there within O2.

UPDATE: Just checked the O2 website and it shows that the wifi is unlimited which I can live with as the other providers are even capping this usage. [link to O2 iPhone 4 Tariffs]

Ok I have to wait an extra day before getting my iPhone 4, but hey calling O2 at 8am was better than having to get up at silly-o-clock to be early in line to sand a chance to walk away with one today.

So now tomorrow can’t come fast enough, for that is when the delviery has been promised. Tonight will be spent preparing and backing up my iPhone 3G so I am ready for getting the iPhone 4 up and running as quick as possible.

My old iPhone has been promised to my son Nath. I have been hearing that a lot of iPhone 3G and 3GS users are experiencing problems updating their phones to iOS4. When I did it the other day (day of release) I had no problems, I set the upgrade off when I went to bed, and woke up with a nicely upgraded 3G running iOS4.

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Andy Howell said...

No prblems upgrading to OS4.

Sttod in queue yesterday only to find them seeling out by abot three people in front of me!

Next week perhps.

the queues everywhere where pretty heavy — the wait might be longer.

I see I have used 1.5 G over the life of my ohone (data on 3G). SHouldbe able to cope with a limit. Most of my data is collected over wifi anyway.